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Do you have to track down individuals in order to complete the candidates’ qualification responses for every proposal? Are you grilling team members on their resume every time you need to answer specific capability questions?

Certain solicitations require you to identify and present a winning team – along with winning resumes. Simply import your proposal into Zbizlink and it will automatically generate a proposal template in the solution – and you’re on your way to automating the proposal process!

With Zbizlink, it’s easy. You can quickly import a resume into Zbizlink, using any format, and create a candidate profile. Zbizlink then extracts specific information from the resume, such as certifications, education, employment history, skills and professional references, to build the candidate profile.

Next, you can share the extracted information with your team resources, so they can quickly review and modify the information. With Zbizlink, collaboration between the proposal writer and the rest of the team is enhanced, reducing the time is takes to create resumes for your proposals.

When you select your team for the proposal, Zbizlink pulls each individual’s information into your proposal template or one of our pre-built templates. Within minutes, you have a professional resume to help you present a winning proposal.

Team Collaboration

Proposals are a challenge. With so many moving parts, and a large amount of information being requested and collated, collaboration is key. Zbizlink provides tools to facilitate collaboration and communications – anytime, anywhere, 24/7. To learn more about the Five Keys of Collaboration, download our executive brief here.

Work smarter, faster

Zbizlink helps you select the best opportunities by comparing proposal requirements to your organization’s skill set. In addition, it provides insight across all your proposal timelines so you can ensure they are on track, and provides reports so you can analyze your sales opportunity cycle and win/loss ratio. Time spent managing the proposal process is reduced significantly, freeing up time to focus on other work.

Response automation

Zbizlink automates process writing process with built-in templates for your use – or you can create your own company-specific templates. Zbizlink automates common workflows and tasks, and has an autofill feature that populates sections with information that has been created previously.

Create proposals faster and improve your RFP response time

Zbizlink automates common tasks and workflows to expedite the proposal creation process. It enables team collaboration – anytime, anywhere, 24/7 – and centralizes content that can be easily found, edited, and used. Leveraging powerful automation and process management tools, Zbizlink is your partner in creating winning proposals, faster and easier.