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Responses to government proposals are lengthy, and it takes a team to respond to the various requirements – then prepare it per specific criteria outlined for evaluation. While some proposals may be under 20 pages, larger proposals can be in the hundreds. How can you manage a proposal of that scale?

You need a proposal management software that can help you manage the proposal creation process effectively and efficiently. You need Zbizlink.

Zbizlink is proposal management software engineered by proposal managers for proposal managers. We have decades of experience in proposal management and developed Zbizlink specifically for the proposal creation process. Zbizlink is a feature-rich tool for managing the entire proposal process – from proposal creation to contract. It features a content library for storing approved content sections, an intuitive dashboard and proposal builder, as well as communication tools.

Centralized knowledge

Our content library enables you to collect, organize, retrieve, deliver, and manage information. No more tracking down SMEs or digging through your email for information. With centralized knowledge, you and your team can easily search for and populate information instead of reinventing the wheel each time.

Collaborative workspace

Communication and collaboration are key to successful proposal management. But with disparate teams, it is challenging to get the information you need from the various subject matter experts. With Zbizlink, you have a central workspace where SMEs, writers, and editors can share information and work transparently – anytime, anywhere, 24/7.


Simply put, your job is to create a compelling case for your organization as the best option. But all the moving parts can be overwhelming. Zbizlink’s workflows guide you through the creation process, handling repetitive tasks. It also manages the approval workflow, with e-signatures for sign-off and submission.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Click here to learn more about Zbizlink and how it helps simplify the proposal creation process.