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Zbizlink helps develop and support your business development processes. From assessing which opportunities are the best match for your organization through to the creation of a winning proposal, Zbizlink has the tools you need to reduce risk, increase efficiencies, and win more opportunities.

To help your organization grow, you need a solution that can:

  • Analyze your data and provide relevant insights
  • Leverage these insights to better understand if your opportunity lifecycle is healthy – and where you have gaps
  • Identify where you need to improve so you can create repeatable processes that help you win consistently

The data captured in Zbizlink helps you gain insights to facilitate decision making. Zbizlink’s dashboard provides the most up-to-date information 24/7, tracking projects and proposal status. It shows you how your pipeline is progressing and if your project development is on track.

Utilizing Zbizlink’s reports, you can analyze your data and develop your own best practices for consistent proposal execution and predictable success – improving your opportunity lifecycle.