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Capture Management Software

Do you know how to qualify business opportunities for your organization? Are you sitting on a bunch of data but don’t have the tools to analyze the data and develop a winning strategy?

Opportunity assessment is key to your organization’s success. With Zbizlink’s capture management tools, you easily identify and select the right opportunities.

  • Zbizlink’s capture agent scans government websites and alerts you when a solicitation is posted that matches your company’s qualification.
  • As you decide if you will move forward with a proposal, Zbizlink assesses your organization’s capabilities against the proposal’s requirements, providing you with a checklist demonstrating how well you match as an organization – or with the combined capabilities of a teaming partner.
  • Zbizlink’s analytics facilitate decision making so you clearly understand which proposals you should pursue. By tracking your wins and losses, you can raise your win probability.

With Zbizlink, you have the tools you need to analyze your capabilities and present them in a winning proposal!