Capture and Proposal Management Tool - Zbizlink

Unlike other proposal tools, Zbizlink offers these super-smart time-saving features:

The dynamic web-based dashboard contains up-to-date information 24/7. It provides transparency for all stakeholders—building trust, ensuring accountability, and fostering communication and collaboration.

Zbizlink tracks project and proposal status and displays updated metrics, automatically identifying and inserting required information. Standard and customized reports can be run any time and delivered to anyone, with just a click or two.

The dashboard displays customized content to users according to their preferences, profiles, and access levels. It integrates with internal and external web portals, content management systems, and databases.

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The capture agent scans government websites to automatically alert you when a solicitation comes up that matches your company’s qualifications. Then, to help you make a Go/No-Go decision, it assesses your capabilities against the requirements, providing you with a checklist that shows you exactly how and where you match up or fall short. It also searches for the most appropriate partners available and assesses their capabilities as well as your combined capabilities. It automatically supplies with you contact information and all the necessary metadata to move forward on a proposal or reach out to potential partners.

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Zbizlink assesses your capabilities and locates partners to help you win contracts. It displays what each potential partner offers—mapping their credentials to yours—and it shows whether, together, you meet all the solicitation requirements.

It also helps you locate and assess potential resources. It scans each resume, creating a “skills matrix” that maps requirements to skills, allowing you to compare and rate each candidate. The matrix can often be included in your proposal—adding the kind of professional detail clients appreciate. It will also assess clients, agencies, and competitors. When it comes to strategic analysis, metrics, and reporting— Zbizlink does it all.

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Zbizlink autofills your basic information. The global insert feature retains all of your boilerplate signatures and data. It plugs it in wherever it is needed. This includes signature pages and signed legal disclaimers.

It completes the fields in required tables for you, filling in names, addresses, contact information, and government classification codes. And it will remind you to change dates.

Between the autofill and the templates, your proposals will automatically contain many required sections from a solicitation, already completed.

Zbizlink has too many features to list here. But the more you use it, the more unique features and handy tools you will discover!

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The proposal builder allows you to download solicitations and build proposals customized to each one. Zbizlink can grab key information from the solicitation and add it to your proposal—such as submission instructions, templates, and other requirements. (To guide your process, you may want to insert some of this information while you work and then delete it before submission.)

Your proposals can automatically contain many required sections from each solicitation. Your boilerplate information, such as names, addresses, contact information, signatures, and government classifications, as well as signature pages and signed disclaimers, can automatically be plugged in. And you will be reminded to change dates.

For each submission, whether it is a pricing proposal, a technical proposal, a candidate resume, or any type of response, you can choose from ready-made templates. And you can add each new proposal you build to your unlimited template archive.

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Throughout Zbizlink, assistance wizards guide you through workflows, ensuring that no step is skipped, and no information is missing.

When you select a candidate, you use the resume template if it required in the solicitation. (Or a copy of it, if you prefer your own formatting.) Otherwise, choose a resume template that will make your candidate shine. Zbizlink will copy data from your candidate’s original resume, automatically transferring much of the information to your template. (Candidates can upload and complete their own resumes in your template as well.) Zbizlink loves to do the tedious tasks that drive you nuts!

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As you collaborate (in real time, or offline) you can email or live-chat, from any module or page, and you can always send or receive attachments. You can also receive or set up reminders and notifications at any time—to an individual or group—from anywhere in the application. These features are available from the dashboard as well. You will always know who is online and who will receive your message later.

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From your business profile and capability page, you can share select content—such as your latest company news and info., or links to content, websites, or videos. Of course, you can advertise open positions. Anything you post can be public or shared with select associates. You can also post directly to Facebook. LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Your business capability page can be public or private—or you can make it viewable to select associates. And you can always link to your business capability page from other social media platforms, and vice versa. When you create your capability page, you can automatically download information from your LinkedIn page. Zbizlink never tires of saving you time.

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When you are assessing, creating, or reviewing solicitations and proposals, you can always share information and communicate directly—via email or chat—without leaving Zbizlink. All of your communication is filed in a “Notes” archive. The contents of all your communication is always searchable by folder, project, proposal, subject, date, author, and keyword. Of course, you can file your notes anywhere you like, or delete them any time, but, by default it will create a ‘Notes’ subfolder in the folder of each solicitation or proposal.

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Building proposals has never been easier. Zbizlink guides you though the entire complex and cumbersome process!

Fully Protected and Secure. Your data is private and protected. No one can access without your permission, and no one can delete records without administrator access. Deleted files are never lost—they are labeled as “inactive” and archived.

This COTS product is ready to work for you as soon as you install it. It is a turnkey solution requiring little customization—but easy to customize if you want to!

Manage your proposals and contracts from your central web-based and mobile-compatible dashboard. This transparent environment is always accessible to all team members.

From the dashboard, you manage the workflow by process, project, or task. It always displays the proposal status, metrics, and metadata. You can track and view multiple tasks, contracts, and proposals simultaneously.

You have instant access to social media, live chat, notifications, and email—all in one place, which fosters communication and collaboration. When your team members have good working relationships and the best tools available—tools that give them access to important information—performance and results improve.

Zbizlink provides everything you need to create winning proposals, faster than you have ever done before. And we’re here, 24/7, to give you support, if you need it.

Zbizlink’s assistance wizard does the heavy lifting. It guides you through the profile and document creation process, ensuring that you don’t miss any steps. Multiple choice menus allow you to select and complete information for your profile. It accesses your profile to match you with the best opportunities, partners, and candidates.

It uses autofill to handle the repetitive tasks and it includes a document-approval workflow, complete with e-signatures for sign-off and submission. It is always available online or offline. Can it walk your dog and water your plants? No, but we’re working on it.

Zbizlink’s library of available reports keeps growing. These are the standard reports that are often requested. These canned or boilerplate reports can be customized, and new or hybrid reports are easy to generate, using wizards.

You can run ad hoc reports on a one-time basis or save them in your customized report folder. Reports can be scheduled, and they can be automatically emailed to selected users based on the content and the user role. You can create, run, and schedule an unlimited number of reports. Of course, we will gladly assist and advise you with customized reporting, so that you can take full advantage of this extremely useful feature.

Our reporting function is fully integrated with Microsoft Power BI and SQL Reporting Services.

With Zbizlink’s library of templates, you easily plug in the data, content, and formatting, then fill in the rest. Easy-to-use, auto-fillable templates increase productivity, ensure consistency, and save time.

You can always mix and match. Sometimes you may want to use the original solicitation formatting or create your own template (or sections of a proposal); whether you use a pre-designed template or not, you can plug in content, images, or new sections—complete with formatting (tables, forms, etc.). And, of course, you can edit and reformat all sections, and save each design as a new template. With each new submission, your library of templates and content grows.

Zbizlink’s library of forms and templates address all your proposal-related needs—for specialized as well as standard content, such as technical and financial volumes, resumes, past performances, and references. And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how Zbizlink can jumpstart your proposal process.

With event notifications and alerts, you remain on top of tasks and deadlines. Your partners and team members are kept informed and your proposals are written, edited, reviewed, and submitted on time.

Schedule email reminders to be sent to specific users at key points in a workflow; send out notifications or alerts in real-time.

For example, if a user has not included an attachment or filled in a form correctly, or if they have failed to complete a form, a reminder can automatically be emailed to them from that module, prompting them to complete their transaction correctly.

Zbizlink integrates with your calendar and always recognizes national holidays. From any module, you can send and receive emails, alerts, and reminders. You can also chat live or post on social media.

In your Zbizlink profile, you can also list business capabilities as well as business and government certifications.

To create profiles, you can import your existing data from your LinkedIn page and/or from the Federal System for Award Management (SAM).

Your government NAICS and NIGP codes are automatically stored with your profile, as well as other codes and classifications.

Any requested profile information will automatically be filled in on each template as you complete your proposals. You can update or edit your personal information any time.

The Zbizlink library and archive stores documents, templates, artifacts, and metadata. Files are searchable by subject, author, solicitation number, procurement agency or bidder, date of creation, date of last modification, data type, or keyword.