How to crack the Proposal code with Zbizlink

Building a Proposal can be a very problematic venture. It includes many variables that have to align to garner a positive response. Getting everything prepared in time while fulfilling the requirements is an arduous task. It’s easy to be captured by the perils of proposal writing. It is one of the greatest challenges faced by companies and business owners in the marketplace. Zbizlink ( Proposal tool online )  has come up with the solution to some very vital questions that can crack the proposal code.

  1. Can’t meet certain requirements of the proposal? Imagine working on a proposal and you are painstakingly trying to fulfill all of the requirements. For example, you are software development company and have fulfilled most of the proposal requirements, but still have a dire need to fulfill one remaining requirement which is critical to the success of the bid. The proposal process requires someone with a special skill such as GIS. The problem that arises is that you have no internal mechanism to ensure that person can be found in time to successfully fulfill the requirements of the proposal. With Zbizlink’s proposal collaboration capability you can team and partner with anyone to work on a proposal and satisfya the requirements with everyone’s special skills
  2. Don’t have enough time? Nobody said working on a proposal was going to be easy. It is a race against the clock to meet the deadline. Although you know everything that should go into your proposal, getting it all down on paper before your impending deadline can make it a paramount challenge. Getting everything situated in a timely manner is not always possible. In order for that to happen you need a robust checklist which speeds up the process. Zbizlink has developed a checklist that entails summary, specific proposal requirements, technical requirements, scope, background of the opportunity, attachments, document list, capabilities, labor categories, notes, partner requirements, and etc. Zbizlink will automate everything and you will have the entire proposal ready to go on your desktop fulfilling all of the requirements.
  3. To Go or to No Go? This is a prevailing challenge among all proposal teams. There’s always that question whether we should bid or not. How do we know? Does this opportunity align with our mission and corporate culture? Are we likely to win? Are we qualified? Zbizlink provides the winning percentage and rating percentage. Makes the decision a lot easier.