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Best Capture Management Tool

Whether your business is small or large, Zbizlink’s dynamic web-based workspace enables you to easily manage your entire proposal lifecycle and library from your dashboard.

Proposal Creation & Management

Zbizlink makes the entire government proposal lifecycle simpler and more efficient with every proposal you manage—from capture to final review.

Zbizlink Protects Your Data

Share information without compromising its integrity or security. All your data is encrypted in online and offline mode. Every data request is validated in real time. No one can view or access your data without your permission.

Best Proposal Management Tool

No contract required. Affordable monthly fee. Opt in or out at any time!

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Responses to government proposals are lengthy, and it takes a team to respond to the various requirements – then prepare it per specific criteria outlined for evaluation.


You need a proposal management software that can help you manage the proposal creation process effectively and efficiently. You need Zbizlink.

Capture Management

Sharing information is simple. Easily find and access works in progress, notes, metrics and assessments, project statistics, client responses, and all proposal and project ratings and feedback.

Capture Management

Opportunity assessment is key to your organization’s success. With Zbizlink’s capture management tools, you easily identify and select the right opportunities.

Teaming Management

Zbizlink can help you assess potential teaming partners by identifying those partners with specifics skills and strengths that marry with yours to meet requirements and help you win contracts.

Teaming Management

Teaming partners are important business alliances for many proposals and jobs. But finding the right partner for each project can be a challenge.
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Do you have to track down individuals in order to complete the candidates’ qualification responses for every proposal? Are you grilling team members on their resume every time you need to answer specific capability questions?
Opportunity Life cycle Management
Do you have best practice, repeatable processes that help you win with your proposals? Do you have the information – and tools – you need at your fingertips so you can do the right thing at the right time in order to help drive success?


Let Zbizlink Transform Your Proposal Process


Zbizlink offers numerous features beyond mere proposal preparation and submission. It offers you today what other proposal tools will offer in the future. It is the most comprehensive and all-inclusive proposal tool on the market.


Zbizlink shaves off untold hours of work on your proposals. It helps you choose the right opportunities, partners, and resources. This tool was designed to do the heavy lifting.

Always on the Job

Zbizlink is accessible to all partners and stakeholders, with permissions, 24/7, from any location. Multiple users can work on the same file simultaneously. Live chat and email any time without opening a new window or tool.

Always on the Job

Zbizlink doesn’t sleep. Available from your desktop or phone, it is always tracking and updating activity, metrics, and project status. It is always looking for your next candidate or partner.

Convenience of COTS

Zbizlink is a single cloud-based product requiring little or no customization. Manage your proposal and contracts from one central web- and mobile-based dashboard. Your data is completely safe and private.

Convenience of COTS

Use as many or as few features as you need. Additional analytics, reporting, and other tools and functionality can easily be added. And Zbizlink can be integrated with your other systems and applications. Support available 24/7.


Zbizlink’s analysis goes deeper and further than that of any other proposal tool. It assesses and compares the performance and eligibility of potential resources and partners. This will help you make the best choices.


Zbizlink was built to ensure your success. It assesses size, location, specialization, and certifications of other vendors and potential clients. You can run comparisons or look for contracts, based on goods, services, and classifications.

Less Tedium, More Quality

Each proposal gets faster and easier, requiring less effort on the tasks that bore you and bog you down! Your team members can focus on their areas of expertise and the quality of their work.

Good Communication

Between the vast template library and the autofill features, most of the mundane and annoying proposal work is done automatically! No more filling in the same forms over and over. Spend less time reviewing checklists and mapping data.
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With ready and constant access to relevant data, such as agency URLs and contact information, you’ll be the first to know of extended due dates, contract awards, addendums, amendments, FAQs, and released Q&As.
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Zbizlink keeps you organized and prepared. All of the metadata, vendor questions, and agency responses are automatically stored with the solicitation. Howling deadlines? Raging requirements? Zbizlink is all over that.